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3 in 1 coffee machine with core

3 in 1 coffee machine with core


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  • Slim and space-saving body design, no matter it is placed in the living room, kitchen or office, it is fashionable and decent∘

  • Simple button operation, only 3 buttons on the control panel, clear and concise, one-click to taste the perfect coffee∘

  • 3 coffee tanks, different brands of capsules and coffee powder are suitable for one machine, free to switch∘

    • NES coffee holder for Nespresso-type* coffee capsules
    • DG coffee holder for Dolce Gusto-type* or equivalent coffee capsules
    • GROUND COFFEE coffee trough for dry ground coffee
  • 15 Bar pressure pump, extract coffee essence∘

  • Fast heating, just 35 seconds∘

  • Hot water mode setting 93 - 95 °C, precise temperature control∘

  • 3 kinds of capacity adjustment, with 3 serving sizes of large, medium and small, the taste can be adjusted according to your choice∘

  • 8-liter large-capacity detachable external water tank, convenient for water filling and cleaning, no need for frequent water filling∘

  • Detachable water tray, the water tray and the water tray cover can be removed for easy cleaning∘

  • 9 minutes automatic shutdown to save energy.

  • one year warranty

Origin: China

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