Product Return Policy

normal situation:
Under normal circumstances, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the purchased goods, you can request a replacement within 7 days, but only for the same type of goods; our store will be responsible for the shipping cost of returning overseas orders (Hong Kong local orders). Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer). If the same model is sold out or out of stock, you can exchange for another product of the same type and price.

Out of stock:
We will try our best to ensure that the products shown in the store catalog have enough stock, but due to special circumstances, some products may be sold out, in which case we will take the following actions: After consulting with customers, we will replace them with other products of the same price. If it is not resolved, we will refund the full amount (Note: Refunds can only be made by the payment method used to purchase the goods).

Returns must meet all of the following conditions:

Customers must submit a return request within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
Returns must be purchased from
The customer must provide a reasonable reason to request the return of the goods.
The customer must return the returned item to Balzano either in person or by consignment.
Customers must bear all shipping or consignment costs in the process of returning and exchanging goods.

Exchange requests will not be accepted in any of the following cases:

The customer does not submit a replacement request until more than 7 working days after receiving the goods.
The item is damaged, smeared or stained with food soil.
The goods, their packaging or accessories have been used, damaged, consumed or incomplete.
Warranty, instruction manual or purchase invoice for the lost item by the customer.
The goods are damaged due to improper use or human factors.
Product has been modified.