Local delivery/pick up

Shipping - to Hong Kong and Macau (local order)

For orders in Hong Kong and Macau, you can choose our company's delivery service and pick up the goods yourself.
Pick up items
★Pick up at designated pickup point★
1-2 working days*
Pick up items (1-2 working days)

If the customer chooses to pick up the goods at the Balzano pick-up point, the delivery fee is free. We will arrange the goods to the pick-up point* within 1-2 working days after receiving the order, you only need to bring the relevant "Online Sales Invoice" (Note: not "Order Confirmation Notice") to pick up the goods in person.

Delivery service
★Free with purchase over $600★
3-5 working days*

★1kg or less★
★Below 3kg★
★3kg or more★
3-5 working days*

Courier company shipping or delivery service (3-5 working days)

If the total order amount exceeds $600, our company will have someone contact you to arrange delivery service or express delivery.
If the total order amount is less than $600, our company will arrange express delivery.
The basic charges for each order are HKD30 (less than 1kg), HKD45 (below 3kg), HKD60 (3kg or above).
(Based on technical problems, customers should enter the address or SF smart locker code or address when checking out, sorry)