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Korean High Efficiency Plasma Air Sterilizer K201

Korean High Efficiency Plasma Air Sterilizer K201


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  • Sterilization system:

DBD plasma hydroxyl radical technology destroys viruses and bacteria at one time

Effective and strong sterilization; deodorization ; removal of harmful substances ; maintenance of food freshness

  • Antibacterial Efficiency:

Up to 99.9%

  • Coverage area:

up to 132 sqm

  • 4 Airflow Speed ​​Settings:

low, medium, high, very high

  • Applications:

For home use or similar environments, do not use outdoors.

  • Permanent filter:

Carbon filters are permanent in interior spaces

  • Safe and harmless:

Does not use ultraviolet rays and is harmless to the human body

  • Made in Korea

Origin: South Korea

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