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Korea Mini High Efficiency Air Sanitizer/Purifier C201

Korea Mini High Efficiency Air Sanitizer/Purifier C201


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  • Sterilization system:

Sterilize the air with plasma and re-sterilize the surface with photocatalyst

Fast and powerful 3600 all-round air purification, it only takes 10 minutes to circulate and disinfect the air in the car

  • Purification system:

3-layer structure composite filter

Can remove ultra-fine dust, harmful gases and unpleasant odors

  • Antibacterial Efficiency:

Up to 99.9%

  • Silent operation:

Below 35db , equivalent to a human whisper

  • Coverage area:

up to 6 m²

  • 3 Airflow Speed ​​Settings:

Low (green), Medium (blue), High (red)

  • Applications:

Vehicles, Cafes, Libraries, Anywhere

  • Made in Korea
  • one year warranty

Origin: South Korea

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